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Quinton lies around five miles west of the city centre along the Hagley Road West. Originally it was a small village, also known as "Ridgeacre", and was home to a mixture of small farms and nail-making industries. It now stretches to the borders of Halesowen, Warley and Harborne.

In 1894 a map showed Quinton as being along High Street and Bissell Street, whilst the agricultural land around it was known as Ridgeacre. Farms included:

  • Red Hall Farm, near to where Quinton Library is now
  • Windmill Farm along Ridgeacre Lane
  • Ridgeacre Farm by the junction of Quinton Road West and Ridgeacre Lane
  • Four Dwellings Farm where Four Dwellings School is now
  • Mopbeggar Farm near to Moats Meadow
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