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Public consultation underway | Perry Barr 2040: A vision for legacy | Birmingham City Council

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Public consultation underway

‘Perry Barr 2040: A Vision for Legacy’ is a consultation document that sets out initial ideas around how Perry Barr should evolve over the next 20 years.

CGI image of perry barr hall park gateway showing buildings, walkways and greenery

Have your say

Your views are important to us as they will help to shape the final Perry Barr 2040 masterplan anticipated in autumn 2021. They will also feed into the Perry Barr 2040 Delivery Plan, which sets out how the proposals within the Masterplan will be implemented, when and who’s involved.

When’s the consultation?

The consultation runs from 15 July to 29 September.

Why is it important?

It’s the first step towards agreeing a regeneration framework for Perry Barr and builds on the Commonwealth Games as a catalyst for change, to secure a legacy for all.

It sets out

  • A Vision to unite stakeholders
  • Clear Objectives that identify the themes that are key to the area’s transformation
  • Place Principles to deliver the vision for the future, focussed on five themes:
    • Living and Working;
    • Renewing and Repurposing;
    • Connecting Green Spaces and places;
    • Promoting Healthy Communities; and
    • Delivering a Thriving Centre.   
  • Five Focus Areas in Perry Barr that have greatest potential to deliver change:  These are:
    • Perry Park
    • Perry Hall Park
    • Perry Barr Village
    • Perry Barr Urban Centre
    • Walsall Road Corridor