With a growing population in Birmingham and an ambition for the city to become zero carbon by 2030, we have to be equally determined to improve how people move around. We want to reduce levels of pollution and find ways of supporting better health and wellbeing by creating a cleaner and greener city.

For these reasons, securing excellent public transport and developing inviting pedestrian and cycle routes that allow people to easily get out and about, is key. This encourages people to use alternatives to their cars, choosing instead to walk or cycle within their communities, or to use public transport. More recently, in the wake of Covid-19, we launched an Emergency Transport Plan that sets out how we want to encourage citizens to get in the habit of ‘active travel’.

Perry Barr is already a step ahead. Major regeneration and housing growth has accelerated plans to provide accessible, people-friendly travel options and high-quality transport for all. With an eye on the future, our proposals also ensure that the area is ‘infrastructure-ready’, in support of opportunities to develop a range of other sites within Perry Barr in years to come.

The aim is to better connect Perry Barr to other parts of the city, as well as to improve the way people move around the area, giving priority to public transport, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Working with our partners, we have already made a number of transport and infrastructure improvements. These have focused on the  the A34 corridor, creating a new road layout with pedestrian and cycle friendly routes; along with a new railway station and a bus interchange with enhanced bus routes, including a new Sprint bus rapid transit service.

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