Project update

Birmingham City Council and Lewisham Council completed ground-breaking review of health inequalities within the African and Caribbean community in Birmingham and Lewisham. The Birmingham and Lewisham African and Caribbean Health Inequalities Review (BLACHIR) has been endorsed by both Lewisham and Birmingham’s health and wellbeing boards. The final version of the report is currently being designed and will include a summary of the review.

Next steps

  • We plan to host launch events in two localities - Birmingham (9 June 2022) and Lewisham (7 June 2022). The advisory and academic board members will be invited to attend the event.
  • Throughout the year, we will work to implement the opportunities for action that are included in the report. The first draft of the implementation plan will be available in June 2022, and we encourage board members, academic and community representatives to remain engaged during the process - if they wish to do so.
  • The implementation will require both councils to work alongside partners and report to the health and wellbeing boards (Lewisham and Birmingham) and the Creating a City Without Inequality Forum (Birmingham).
  • We will be collecting case studies which will include activities that are carried out amongst our African and Caribbean communities.

BLACHIR Engagement Partner Tender Opportunity

Birmingham City Council is seeking a supplier for the provision of BLACHIR engagement partners to assist in the next steps of the review.

  • this includes disseminating and promotion of the report and support of implementation activities within African and Caribbean populations in Birmingham
  • the tenderer will be asked to engage with key African and Caribbean partners within Birmingham
  • they will be asked to take forward opportunities for action, developed and recommended within the report, as well as actioning other public health work related to African and Caribbean citizens.

The deadline for the tender is 27 June 2022,

View the tender opportunity

The Director of Public Health, Dr. Justin Varney has provided a video briefing for the Tender opportunity.

View the BLACHIR Engagement Partner Tender Opportunity Briefing

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