Board members

External Academic Board:

15 Academics have been appointed to the external academic board. The areas of evidence and knowledge represent:

  • Media, race and social injustices
  • Mental health
  • Ethnic minorities in care homes
  • BAME inequalities relating to housing, finance, research projects, and policy
  • Research reports include African and Caribbean community
  • Youth studies
  • Health care research
  • Youth and NEET from work experience

External Advisory Board:

Members of the advisory board have attributes of community engagement specific to Birmingham and Lewisham to collect and report lived experiences from both local authorities.

The board consists of 5 members from Lewisham and 4 members from Birmingham who are actively involved within the community and who are residents of these local areas.

Collectively they have been active in community engagement encompassing and representing:

  • BAME issues
  • Community leaders
  • Young people support
  • Women representatives
  • Disability issues
  • Underrepresented groups
  • Mental health
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