Review process

The two external boards will discuss the health outcomes and experiences affecting the communities via an online meeting platform. The content of these discussions will be resumed and analysed and will constitute the basis on which recommendations will be produced. This approach aims to combine knowledge of evidence-based research and lived experiences to inform a realistic review.

The review will aim to publish draft recommendations to engage the wider community in finalising recommendations and test different ways of drawing in more community voices through the process.

The review will inform the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board partnership and influence both councils, NHS, academic, and community and voluntary sector partners to make sustainable changes that start to address decades of inequalities. The review will report regularly to the appropriate Health and Wellbeing Board, or relevant sub-committee, throughout the review so that early recommendations and feedback can be considered.

The discussion meetings will be chaired by Dr Justin Varney Director of Public Health Birmingham City Council and Dr Catherine Mbema Director of Public Health Lewisham Council.

In Birmingham, the Review work is overseen through the Creating a City Without Inequalities Forum sub-group of the Health and Wellbeing Board and is managed by the Communities Team.

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