Public engagement process

The Birmingham and Lewisham African and Caribbean Health Inequalities Review (BLACHIR) understands that individuals lived experiences and perspectives are valuable to help the council and its partners elevate issues that need immediate attention and action.

Both councils have independent teams working with relevant partners and community members, to ensure this extensive review covers priority areas of required action through public engagement.

Discussions with Advisory and Academic boards have drafted Opportunities for Action to combat outstanding issues that have been raised throughout evidence-based literature and by African and Caribbean communities. The engagement process seeks to engage a wider range of people in reviewing these opportunities for action before the completion of the project.

Public engagement has two elements: live workshops, hosted on MS Teams, and an online survey, which gives you an opportunity to comment on the recommendations from the review so far and feed into the final Review report (due by March 2022).

The first workshop was hosted on 20 July and focused on the first three pillars:

  • Racism and Discrimination Impact on Health Inequalities
  • Early Years, Pregnancy and Parenthood
  • Children and Young People

The online survey allows you to provide your perspective and suggestions on the review so far. The findings will be published and implemented into the final review report.

Understand that all answers will remain anonymous and strictly confidential.

Share your views with the online survey

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