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Get involved in reading!

Do you have a budding reader at home? In partnership with Birmingham Virtual School, The Library of Birmingham are asking for their input in promoting books to other children - particularly to other Children in Care in Birmingham.

We have a whole section on the library website dedicated to the reading preferences of our Looked After Children and we need some help to fill it!

We are asking for book reviews from LAC of any age. Children just need to read a book and write a short piece to say what they thought about it! What kind of book is it? Why did they like reading it? Which is the best character? Why?

Try not to give away too much of the story we don't want any spoilers for those who might be interested in reading it after seeing the review!

Please can the reviewer give each book a star rating out of 5 if it's top dollar and worth the time to read it, feel free to give it the full five star treatment!

The review can be handwritten - just take a photo - or type it up, and email it to the Virtual School inbox at:

Please include the child's first name and age (if they don't mind sharing that!) and they will see their review up on the library website as text in the ‘Recommended Titles from BVS’ section!

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