What is a Personal Education Plan (PEP)?

All looked after children have a care plan. The Personal Education Plan (PEP) should be initiated as part of the care plan.

A PEP is a statutory requirement to make sure that the child's educational progress is regularly and accurately recorded. It is an essential part of the child’s overall care plan.

Looked after children should have a PEP from 2 years old to 18 years old.

The PEP is an evolving record of what needs to happen for looked after children to enable them to make at least expected progress and fulfil their potential.

The PEP should reflect the importance of a personalised approach to learning that meets the child’s identified educational needs, raises aspirations and builds life chances.

The school, other professionals and the child’s carers should use the PEP to support achieving those things.

PEP best practice

The quality of the PEP is the joint responsibility of the local authority that looks after the child and the school.

Social workers, carers, Virtual School heads (VSHs), designated teachers and other relevant professionals will need to work closely together to ensure every PEP meets the quality assurance criteria.

All of those involved in the PEP process should ensure the child is involved. The extent of the child's involvement will depend on understanding and ability.

Where appropriate, the child's parent and/or relevant family member should be involved in the PEP process.

For more information, refer to the PEP section of the statutory guidance.


In Birmingham we use ePEP Online to record all the information needed for a PEP.

ePEP online is a web-based portal which provides the Virtual School, teachers, social workers and other named professionals access to the child's current and past PEPs.

Page last updated: 15 May 2024

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