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African Art and Culture - Jane Bingham
Written for students working at Key Stage 3, the titles that make up the 'World Art and Culture' series explore the fine arts, the decorative arts and design through the ages and in different cultures throughout the world.

Tell All the Children Our Story: memories and mementos of being young and black in America - Tonya Bolden
From the 17th century to the present. From the settlement of Jamestown (where the birth of the first black child is recorded) to the Revolution to the Civil War and the Restoration to the fight for civil rights to today, Bolden brings to light how black children worked and played, suffered and rejoiced.

World Black History Series

World Black History' tells the incredible history of black men and women around the world. It takes the reader through the thriving cultures of ancient Africa, the horrors of slavery and colonization, and the struggle for independence and equality.

  • African Roots: Prehistory to 1440 - Melody Herr
  • The Slave Trade: 1440 to 1770 - Melody Herr
  • The Struggle for Freedom: 1770 to 1870 - Spring Hermann
  • Making Their Mark: 1870 to 1940 - Spring Hermann
  • Independence and Equality: 1940 to 1968 - Elizabeth Cregan
  • Building the Future: 1968 to Today - Elizabeth Cregan


Malcolm X for Beginners - Bernard Aquina Doctor

Describes the evolution of Malcolm X's views, discusses the violent political climate of his time, and recounts the events leading to his murder.

Lewis Hamilton - John Townsend

This biography of Lewis Hamilton looks at his career as well as his upbringing and early involvement in motor racing.

Malorie Blackman - Shaun McCarthy

All About Authors tells the story of some of our best-loved writers, drawing on a wide range of sources to explore their life, what influences them and their inspirational approaches to writing.

Benjamin Zephaniah - Verna Wilkins

Growing up poor and on the move, Benjamin Zephaniah didn't tap into his true potential until he had sunk into the depths of despair. His way with words, his mother's love and his strong sense of community helped him to overcome the obstacles in his path. The moving story of a man who informs and amuses people all over the world with his love of life and his rapping rhythms.

Story Painter: The Life of Jacob Lawrence - John Duggleby

The paintings of Jacob Lawrence tell stories. A collection of these paintings provide the backdrop for this biography which tells the story of one of our finest living painters.

Kelly Holmes - Andy Croft

Kelly Holmes has spent her life trying to be the best, but it hasn't been easy. She's battled poverty, injury and depression to become one of the most famous and successful sportswomen in the world. This book provides an insight into the life of an Olympic hero.

Monty Panesar - Roy Apps

The books in the Dream to Win series are an inspirational set of biographies focusing on the skill and determination needed to break through into the world of top-class sport. This is the story of Monty's early years and his breakthrough into the England cricket team.

Hope Powell - Roy Apps

The story of Hope's early years and her breakthrough into world-class women's football.

Sterling Biographies Series

Tecumseh: Shooting Star of the Shawnee - Jon Dwight Zimmerman

To white authorities in the newly independent United States, Tecumseh seemed like a different type of chief: defiant and determined to protect Indian rights. Not even the power of the government awed this fearless Shawnee leader. Young readers will be fascinated by the life story of this great warrior and orator who tried to unite all the tribes in a single, powerful confederacy.

Sitting Bull: Great Sioux Hero - George Edward Stanley

Sitting Bull lived and died for his people, the Sioux of the Great Plains. George Edward Stanley traces Sitting Bull's lifelong fight for justice and struggle to retain his tribe's ancestral lands, as well as the battle at Little Bighorn and the terrible massacre at Wounded Knee that occurred in the wake of his death.

Sacagawea: Crossing the Continent with Lewis & Clark - Emma Carlson Berne

While travelling with the Corps of Discovery across America's then-uncharted West, Sacagawea - with a baby strapped to her back - endured unimaginable dangers. We know little about her thoughts and feelings, since she left no records of her own, but without her, Lewis and Clark certainly could never have succeeded. Emma Carlson Berne separates truth from legend and offers some ideas on what eventually happened to this strong and fascinating woman.

Pocahontas: A Life in Two Worlds - Victoria Garrett Jones

The tale of the Powhatan princess from the Virginia woodlands is one of the best known and most loved in American history. While myth and legend have clouded some of the details, time has not diminished her bravery, selflessness and commitment to peace. Nearly four centuries after her death, Pocahontas remains an inspiration and her story will captivate every young reader.

Geronimo: Apache Renegade - George Sullivan

'No gun can ever kill you.' Those are the magical words Geronimo heard whispered in the air, that he believed true. Although his name is often linked with violence and even savagery, Geronimo's early life was actually peaceful. What transformed him into one of the most renowned warriors in the Apache nation, a man whom the U.S. government wished captured or killed at any cost? This gripping biography captures the often-tragic experiences that defined the life of this fearless leader.

Chief Joseph: The Voice for Peace - Lorraine Jean Hopping

Chief Joseph was a peace chief, a great leader who truly believed his nation, the Nez Perce, could live in harmony with white people. Tragically, it was not to be. This fascinating biography separates fact from myth and tells the compelling story of a man who tried to fight injustice with words, not weapons.

Native Americans: An inside look at the tribes and traditions - Laura Buller

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