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Order a children's teddy memorial

Example of a children's teddy memorial.

Available at

  • Sutton Coldfield crematorium


We offer a memorial for you to pay tribute to a baby or child at rest. The monument has 18 granite tablets that can be inscribed. Behind each tablet is a small but secure niche designed for a small container urn or a keepsake. The large sitting teddy sits on top of the hexagonal memorial to protect your loved one.

The sitting teddy has six tablets on its chest and a tablet on each paw. It has nine niche holes for ashes and the option to have a small keepsake securely housed within the teddy in a container urn. There are also 12 flower containers in the base.

Names on inscriptions are larger than any of the other text. Words and text are centre aligned. Make sure that space is left, should you wish to add further inscriptions later.

Children’s memorials are leased for 25 years.


Table of costs
Type of entry Cost
Memorial £561

You will need to contact Bereavement Services to order this memorial.

Page last updated: 16 October 2023

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