Memorials not available to order online

Not all memorials are available to order online. You will need to contact Bereavement Services to find out more about ordering a:

  • children's teddy memorial, heart or book shaped garden memorial, kerb block or kerbstone
  • wooden bench with inscription (£1,704) – contact us to find out where these may be available
  • mini grave and vase: a small upright headstone and kerb stone to mark the burial plot of your loved one’s ashes (£1,600) – available at Brandwood End, Kings Norton, Lodge Hill, Quinton, Sutton New Hall, Witton and Yardley cemeteries
  • public grave desktop: a polished granite memorial in ‘desktop’ style for families to remember a loved one and mark their grave (£251 or £568 with a 2-line inscription) – available at Brandwood End, Handsworth, Kings Norton, Lodge Hill, Quinton, Sutton Coldfield, Sutton New Hall, Witton and Yardley cemeteries
  • sundial plaque: made from black granite and available in three sizes to be sited on a sundial memorial at Lodge Hill cemetery, or Woodlands Garden at Yardley crematorium (£441 to £634)

Other memorials are also available. Contact us for details.

You can also sponsor a bird, bat or other wildlife box at Lodge Hill crematorium and Yardley crematorium.

You may also be able to personalise the memorial you choose by including a photo or motif.

Before you order, you must read ordering a memorial.

Page last updated: 1 November 2023

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