Ordering a memorial

Before you order

We recommend that you visit the crematorium or cemetery where relevant memorials are sited. The positioning of each memorial is at our discretion. We operate a ‘next available position’ allocation system.

Where we inscribe a memorial for you, you must check that all spellings are correct when you provide letters and words for any inscription as we cannot be held responsible for any errors.

Mistakes cannot be corrected without incurring further charges.

Positioning and layout of letters is at the discretion of our supplier.

Personal names, pet names or terms of affection are allowed on inscriptions or memorials if they are approved by Bereavement Services officers.

Allow up to 12 weeks for us to install any memorial. It may take longer during busier periods. You will be notified of renewal options when the lease has expired.

Plaques or memorials may be collected after the lease has expired, although this cannot be guaranteed as sometimes memorials break when we remove them. We cannot be held responsible for damage whether accidental or wilful to any plaques or memorials that are out of their lease period.

Cemetery memorials

Marking a grave

You must be the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial to add a memorial or grave marker to a grave. This is a legal document which allows the grave owner to erect or make any changes to that grave or memorial.

When a grave marker can be added

You can arrange for a memorial to honour a loved one in all of our cemeteries. Memorials that are available include plaques, benches and headstones. Before a headstone can be added, the ground will need to settle. This can take up to 18 months.

You can add a memorial immediately to a lawn header grave or a plot containing cremated remains.

You will need to contact a stonemason to order a headstone.

Looking after memorials

It is the responsibility of the grave owner to maintain a memorial or grave marker if they are located on a grave. All memorials on graves are placed at your own risk and so we recommend that you take out all-risks insurance to protect your memorial.

Sometimes wildlife can dislodge memorials or damage surrounding areas.

Which memorials are available at each cemetery and crematoria.

Order a memorial online.

Page last updated: 18 October 2023

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