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Cremation statistics

Annual cremation statistics are available for Lodge Hill, Yardley and Sutton Coldfield crematoria by calendar year from January 2009 to March 2021.

Download the cremation statistics

Please note the following which must be considered in relation to any comparison or analysis of the number of cremations:

  • Not all deaths that occur in Birmingham result in a funeral taking place at Birmingham City Council facilities;
  • Some funerals may be for deaths that have been registered outside of Birmingham;
  • There are other service providers in the city area, for example, Birmingham Crematorium (Perry Barr), which is not owned or operated by Birmingham City Council;
  • In 2020/21, the amount of time that families were required to wait for a funeral at a BCC crematorium resulted in some families looking elsewhere. At the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, families were waiting around six weeks for a cremation service, compared to the usual time of around two weeks;
  • The strict policies adopted during the pandemic in relation to numbers attending funerals resulted in families choosing other providers who were not as restrictive with the number of mourners;
  • Some fluctuations in numbers are due to outside factors, for example, mechanical breakdown of cremators at Yardley Crematorium (November and December 2019) and the closure of neighbouring crematorium for refurbishment increasing demand at Yardley Crematorium (June to October 2017);
  • The statistics do not include the cremation of body parts or foetal remains.
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