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Order a pergola plaque

Available at

  • Sutton Coldfield crematorium
  • Kings Norton cemetery


Rustic plaques at Sutton Coldfield crematorium

Example of a rustic pergola plaque.

The ornamental rustic pergolas at Sutton Coldfield crematorium are made from rose and buff-coloured stone. They are sited on the ornamental pergola, which is located within the Gardens of Remembrance at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium. Each column is octagonal with three sides available for memorial plaques.

Plaques are available in black and rust, inscribed and inlaid with gold colour enamel. A motif or photo can be added.

Pergola plaques are leased for 10 years.

Pergola plaques are also available in boutonniere design at Sutton Coldfield crematorium. To view the boutonniere and order a pergola plaque in this design at Sutton Coldfield crematorium, refer to 'Order a boutonniere plaque'.

Wooden plaques at Kings Norton cemetery

Example of a wooden pergola plaque.

The wooden pergola plaques are sited in the Pergola entry way to Primrose Meadow. Wooden pergola plaques are inscribed with the name, date of birth and date of death, age and a single line message.


Table of costs for Sutton Coldfield crematorium
Type of entry Cost
Inscription only £561
Inscription with small motif £561
Inscription and photo plaque £687
Table of costs for Kings Norton cemetery
Type of entry Cost
Wooden pergola plaque, inscription only £255

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Page last updated: 16 October 2023

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