Waiting lists

If you do not receive an offer for a place at your higher preference Birmingham school preferences, your child's name will automatically be placed on the waiting lists for those schools.

Please note that waiting lists are compiled in the same order as the oversubscription criteria. For example, if your child has a sibling already at the school, they will be placed higher on the list.

Late applicants are also added according to this order, so your child's name may move down and up a waiting list. Having a place on the waiting list is no guarantee that a place will become available.

Information on waiting list positions for Birmingham schools will not be available until Monday 9 May 2022.

From 9 May 2022, you can contact Children's Services on 0121 303 1888, who will let you know who holds the waiting list for the school you want (either School Admissions or the school itself).

Waiting list advice will not be available before 9 May 2022 to allow time for offers to be accepted and refused.

For details regarding the waiting list procedures for schools located outside of Birmingham Local Authority, please check their Local Authority website for further details.

The School Admissions team will contact you if a school place becomes available for your child from a waiting list.

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