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Offer emails

If you submitted an online application by the national closing date of 15 January 2022 for your child's primary school place in September 2022, you will be sent an email informing you which school has been offered to your child.

Emails will be sent on 19 April 2022, and we expect you will receive your email by 4pm. The exact time you receive your email will depend on your email service provider.

You will also receive your child's offer by a letter from 19 April 2022.

Please do not contact Birmingham City Council before receiving the offer of a school place.

The School Admissions team will be unable to inform you which primary school place has been offered to your child by phone or email.

You must have received your email or letter before contacting the School Admissions team. However, you may contact School Admissions if you have not received your email or letter by Friday 22 April 2022.

Accepting the offer

The offer email and letter you should have received named the primary school your child was offered for entry in September 2022. You do not need to contact School Admissions if you intend to accept your child’s offer of a school place.

You only need to inform School Admissions by 3 May 2022 if you are refusing the school place your child was offered. Details of how to do was included in your offer letter. If we are not informed by this date that you wish to refuse your offer, the school will update their records to show the offer has been accepted.

We strongly encourage you to accept your offer, this is so your child has a guaranteed School place to attend in September 2022.

By refusing your offer, please be aware that your child’ school place may be offered out to another child from that school’s waiting list once they are made available. Your child will have no school to attend in September as School Admissions only make one school offer to a child. If a family refuses their school offer, we are not required to offer your child a place at an alternative school.

Your child will only be offered a place at another school if a place becomes available on the waiting list for one of your higher preferred schools due to waiting list movement once they are available, or if you appeal against the decision to refuse your child a place at one of your preferred schools and your appeal is subsequently upheld (successful).

The offer being accepted will not affect your child’s waiting list position for any of your higher preference schools or influence the outcome of any appeal you may submit.

If your child has not been offered a place at any of the schools that you applied for, this will be because the school(s) you applied for have received more applications than there were places available, and other children that better met the admission criteria than your child were offered those places. Details of the school admission criteria that all applicants are considered under are available here: Primary Admissions Arrangements 2022.

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