Before you apply: researching primary schools

Applications for primary schools opened on 1 October 2023.

Schools you can apply for

You can list up to three different primary schools as preferences in your application. This list of preferences can include schools outside of Birmingham.

Birmingham City Council runs a coordinated admissions scheme with neighbouring local authorities.

If you are applying for schools in another local authority, we recommend you contact them for their admissions arrangements. This will help you decide if your application will likely be successful.

Birmingham City Council will only deal with applications for school places if you live in Birmingham and pay council tax to the authority.

If you live in Birmingham, you must still make your application to Birmingham City Council.

Admission arrangements

You must read the admission arrangements for the primary schools you are interested in to see how likely it is that your child will be offered a place there.

Primary school admission arrangements 2024

  • visit the schools' own website
  • how close you live to a school is very important — schools have cut-off distances which change each year based on demand

Remember: To avoid disappointment, be realistic in the three primary schools you list on your online application form. Make sure you read the school's admission arrangements.

Supplementary information

  • some schools (mainly faith schools and some academies) will ask you to send supplementary information directly to them
  • supplementary information forms are available from the school
  • once you have submitted your supplementary information form to the school, make sure you also submit your online application, or you will not be considered for a place at that school

The supplementary information form for Birmingham's Voluntary Controlled schools is available below. These schools include Al-Furqan Primary School, Christ Church CE Primary School, St James CE Primary School, St Matthew's CE Primary School and St Saviour's CE Primary School.

Supplementary information form for Birmingham City Council's Voluntary Controlled schools

This supplementary information form is only to be used for the following four schools if you are applying under the faith criteria for a place for your child in Reception for September 2024:

  • Al-Furqan Primary School
  • Christ Church CE Primary School
  • St James CE Primary School
  • St Matthew's CE Primary School
  • St Saviour's CE Primary School

The completed form must be returned directly to the school by 15 January 2024. Details of where you return the completed form are available on the form.

This form is only a part of your application for a place at the school. For September 2024 admissions, you must complete your home local authority's common application form by 15 January 2024. For Birmingham residents, you can read the details of how to make your online application for reception class or primary school.

Virtual Open Sessions

  • most schools will have virtual open sessions between September 2022 and January 2023 — visit the school's website for further details

What is classed as your child's home address?

A list of acceptable proofs is available in the proof of address section.

Travelling to school

Think about how your child would travel to the schools you apply for. You are responsible for making sure your child can get to and from school.

School performance information

Other useful information

Page last updated: 26 September 2023

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