Apply for a prize gaming permit

Prize gaming is a type of gambling in which:

  • stakes and prizes are usually low
  • the value of the prize is not determined by how much a player stakes or the number of people playing for the same prize

Permits are valid for 10 years. There are no annual fees. See the fees and charges page for further details on the cost of the permit.

Holders of premises licences and holders of club gaming permits are not eligible to apply for prize gaming permits. Prize gaming permits do not allow the use of gaming machines.

You're allowed to offer prize gaming on your premises (subject to certain conditions) without applying for a Prize Gaming Permit if you have:

  • an Adult Gaming Centre Premises Licence
  • a Family Entertainment Centre Premises Licence
  • a Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permit
  • a travelling fair
  • a bingo hall

Apply by email

To apply by email, complete the downloadable application form with a scan of your signature and email it to

After we receive your application, a licensing officer will contact you to arrange payment for the appropriate fee.

Do not submit cheques or postal orders for payment of your application as we are unable to accept them.

Page last updated: 27 July 2023

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