Send us a gambling Temporary Use Notice

If you want to provide gambling facilities at a premises or on a vessel that has no premises licence you must send us a Temporary Use Notice (TUN).

A TUN must be sent in writing to us at least 3 months and 1 day before the event starts and a copy sent to:

  • the Gambling Commission
  • the Chief of Police
  • HM Revenues and Customs
  • any other Licensing Authority for the area the premises is in

When staging events using a TUN, gambling activities must not be held for longer than a total of 21 days during any 12-month period. You can issue a TUN more than once during a 12-month period as long as the total number of days that gambling activities occur does not exceed 21 during that period.

Apply by email

To apply by email, complete the downloadable application form you need with a scan of your signature and email it to:

After we receive your application, a licensing officer will contact you to arrange payment for the appropriate fee.

Do not submit cheques or postal orders for payment of your application, as we are unable to accept them.

Page last updated: 27 July 2023

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