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Send us a Temporary Event Notice

If you’re organising a temporary event and want to serve or sell alcohol, provide late night refreshment, or put on regulated entertainment, you’ll need to complete a temporary event notice (TEN) no later than 10 working days before the event. Each TEN costs £21.


You must be 18 years or older to give a TEN and can give a maximum of 5 TENs per year if you’re not a personal licence holder. If you are a personal licence holder, you can give a maximum of 50 TENs per year.

Premises are limited to a maximum total duration of the periods covered by temporary event notices of 21 days per calendar year or 15 TENs per calendar year.

Your event must involve fewer than 500 people at any one time. The maximum period for using premises for licensable activities under a TEN is 7 days (with a minimum of 24 hours between events).

Late notices

Late notices can be given no later than 5 working days but no earlier than 9 working days before the event.

If you’re a personal licence holder, you’re limited to giving a maximum of 5 late notices per year. If you’re not a personal licence holder then the limit is 2 late notices per year. These count towards the total number of TENs.

If there’s an objection from either the Police or Environmental Health, to a late TEN, the Licensing Authority must issue a Counter Notice and it would be unlawful for licensable activities to proceed.

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