Report antisocial behaviour

Always call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if a crime is in progress.

If you rent your home, you should report antisocial behaviour to your landlord.

Note that some nuisance behaviour is a crime, so should be reported to the police, not the council or your landlord.

Find out what happens after you report antisocial behaviour and where victims can get support.

Report to the council online

Incidents not listed below, can be reported by phone.

Incident Report to the council online

Aggressive begging

Report aggressive begging.

If you find the behaviour of a beggar of charity collector distressing, please call 101 and tell the police straight away.

Intimidating behaviour Report intimidating behaviour

Report to the council by phone 

You can report other types of antisocial behaviour to us by calling 0121 303 1111. If you are a Council tenant, call 0121 464 4700 and select option 4.

When you report antisocial behaviour, it is useful if you can explain:

  • what is being done
  • who is doing it
  • when it happened (dates and times)
  • how often it has happened


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