Walks in Woodgate Valley

With over 450 acres of park and 8 miles of path to walk Woodgate Valley is an ideal place for a stroll.

There are three waymarked routes to choose from, or pick up a map from the Visitor Centre and explore the rest of the park. There is also a 5 kilometre walk route across the park.

All three waymarked routes start and finish at the Visitor Centre. To follow the routes, look out for the colour marked posts along the way.

The Green Route – 1 mile

Leave the Visitor Centre and take the path between the horse meadows, leading down to the stream.

At the bottom of these fields make a left turn following the streamside and past the Trekking Centre, then follow Watery Lane.

At the main road turns left and briefly walk along the pavement before re-entering Woodgate's car park. On this short walk you will see horses grazing in their fields and glimpse part of the Bourn Brook as it flows through the valley.

Look out for other wildlife, birds and butterflies that live on the different grasses and wildflowers.

The Red Route – 2 miles

This walk follows much of the Bourn Brook as it makes its way through the heart of the park.

Leave the Visitor Centre and turn right, walking into the Valley between the horse fields. There are great views right across the valley to Quinton. As you walk through these fields you can see some of the old field boundaries from the time when Woodgate was farmland.

At the bottom of the horse fields, take the right path towards the stream. Follow the stream until you come to a green bridge to pass by tree plantations of Alder, Cherry and Field Maple. It’s worth pausing where there are gaps in the trees to look across the brook and with luck you may spot a kingfisher.

Walk past the green bridge then take a right turn through a large meadow where field scabious can be seen in late summer. Walk through the hedgerow and turn left towards the red bridge where you will see orchids in June.

The walk then crosses the Bourn Brook at the red bridge and returns on this side for different views of the park.

Just before you reach the green bridge, take the grass path on your right that goes through an open plateau where more orchids can be seen. When you reach the end of this area a path to your left will lead you to a metal bridge. You can then walk back to the centre via the wooden bridge near the rear of the trekking centre.

Yellow route – 2.5 miles

Follow the old cart track from the Visitor Centre east into the valley. This old hedge lane is around 500 years old and was once the main thoroughfare for the area. This will bring you into a tree plantation created in the 1980s. This plantation will hopefully become a future deciduous wood for the valley. From here the Chamberlain clock tower at the University of Birmingham is easily picked out on the horizon.

Near the end of this plantation, take a left turn into one of our largest hay meadows. In the summer it will be full of buttercups, other wild flowers and butterflies. Continue walking towards the green bridge, taking the path off the right of the meadow. This will bring you to the side of the stream. Walk along this path until you reach the red bridge. Cross over the red bridge and walk back along the Quinton side of the stream until you reach the metal bridge.

Take the path on your right. This path runs through an oak regeneration area that will become an important part of Woodgate’s future woodlands. Look out for woodland birds like woodpeckers (green and great spotted) and tree creepers. Re-join the Bourn Brook and the walk finishes back at the Visitor Centre taking in the Trekking centre along the way.

5 kilometre (3 miles) route

Download the 5 kilometre route.

Walking the Illey way

For those who like more of a challenge, Woodgate Valley is the start/finish point for the Illey Way - a 5 mile walk through the Worcestershire country side to Waseley Hills Country Park. This route also links up with the Monarchs Way and North Worcestershire footpath.

Page last updated: 27 November 2023

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