Dogs in parks policy

Dogs are welcome in all of Birmingham’s parks and open spaces. There are some simple requirements and restrictions as outlined below.

  • Please clear up immediately if your dog fouls. This is a legal requirement under the Fouling of Land by Dogs Order 2017.
  • You can use any litter bin or special dog bin to deposit the waste.
  • Ensure your dog wears a collar with your name and address on. This is a legal requirement, and can help return lost dogs.
  • Keep your dog under control. If your dog is causing a nuisance or a threat to other park users, including dogs or any wildlife on site, you will be asked to put your dog on a lead. Failure to comply with this request is an offence.
  • Keep your dog in sight at all times.
  • Dogs by law are not permitted in clearly demarcated children’s play areas. Restrictions might also apply to other designated areas such as tennis courts, ball courts, bowling greens etc. Please observe any signage.
  • No more than four dogs may be walked by any one person.

If your dog causes damage to park equipment, you will be reported to the police.

Any dog owner found not complying with the above may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

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