Rules and byelaws

You must follow these rules and byelaws when fishing at our sites. Other rules may apply at each site. Look for the signs displayed by the pool.

  1. Do not impale live fish, frogs or other vertebrate animals on hooks and use as bait
  2. If a fish swallows a hook or a hook gets lodged behind a fish’s gill arch, the fish should be killed humanely before attempting to remove the hook. Do not cut the line and put the fish back in the water with the hook still in it.
  3. Suitable fishing equipment should be used to avoid a fish breaking the line and escaping with the hook still in it. The line strength should also be carefully chosen.
  4. If you need to use a gag to open the jaws of a predatory fish with dangerous teeth, the gag should be an appropriate size for the fish and it should not have sharp points.
  5. Do not use lead shot.
  6. Do not abandon line and other fishing equipment.  
  7. Do not use multiple hooks. Single hooks should be micro barbed. You are encouraged to use barbless hooks.
  8. Keep nets should be knotless, properly sited and emptied without undue delay. You are encouraged not to use keep nets in very hot weather.
  9. FISH MUST BE HANDLED WITH EXTREME CARE so as not to remove their protective mucus or damage their scales. They are to be exposed to the air for the SHORTEST possible period. You must not hang up fish for display, for photography, to be weighed (except for competition purposes) or for any other purpose.
  10. Night fishing is not allowed.
  11. You should not put up tents, hides and similar structures. This is prohibited under Birmingham City Council bye-laws.


  • A person shall not, in any part of the park, take, injure or destroy any animal or bird, or spread or use any net, or set or use any snare or other engine, instrument or means for the taking, injury or destruction of any animal or bird.
  • A person shall not take any fish in any lake in a park.
  • A person shall not wilfully injure or destroy, or disturb any fish in any lake in a park except where permission is granted to a person to fish, and then the above rules apply.
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