Archives fees and charges

Type Unit 2020/2021
Removal of deposited records Per year per standard shelf (backdated)  
Diocesan records copy certificates service   £14
Rental of space for records storage Per year per standard shelf £31.50
Retrieval of stored items Per box £3.70
CARN card replacement   £2.50
Research fees (closed records)   £33.60
Skills workshops (delivered by archives staff)   £367.50
Facilitated workshops/events (delivered by third parties) Per hour £23.10
Conservation Studio hire Per hour Negotiated with Head of Service
Digital Lab hire   Negotiated with Head of Service
Camera permit - Wolfson Centre Per day £3.50

Reproduction of material held in Birmingham Archives and Collections - for commercial use

Type Unit 2020/2021
Non-academic/independent printed books/magazines   £140 minimum
eBook, electronic report   £140 minimum
Exhibition   £150 minimum
Educational, not for profit, film or transmission   £60 minimum
Commercial film or transmission exhibition   £220 minimum
Material used in talk or presentation only   £60 minimum
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