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Spread the word

If you start talking to the people around you about the causes and effects of poor air quality, you’ll soon find you can gather support and join forces to beat pollution together.

Here are five ways in which you can raise awareness about air pollution:

Talk the talk

Most people don’t know how to protect themselves from air pollution. You can help them by sharing some of the tips on reducing and avoiding air pollution we’ve set out above.
Use the hashtag #brumbreathes on social media.

Get in touch with your councillor or MP

Share your concerns about air pollution with your local councillor or local MP. Let them know you support them in taking action to clean up Birmingham’s air.

Share the school run

Chat to other parents at the school gates about setting up a car-share or a walking bus to make the air cleaner for every child at school in Birmingham.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Be bold and ask your children’s head teacher or the managers at your workplace how they’re helping to make our air cleaner (and if they don’t know, share some tips!).

Urge companies to find a pollution solution

Good companies solve problems. Use email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to ask local firms about their ideas on cutting pollution: are they using low emission vehicles for example?

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