Contaminated land strategy

We are required by law to inspect all land within the city to identify areas of contamination. As part of this responsibility we have prepared and published an inspection strategy detailing how we do this.

Any land that is identified as posing a significant health risk, or is found to be polluting controlled waters, will be entered into the Public Register of Contaminated Land.

The absence of an entry on the register does not guarantee that:

  • the land is free from contamination (it may not have been fully assessed)
  • the contamination does not pose a significant risk
  • The contamination is not polluting controlled waters

View the Contaminated Land Strategy 2008

View the Public Register of Contaminated Land in Birmingham

Information for developers

Brownfield land (land that’s been previously used for something else, excluding agricultural uses) is increasingly being used for redevelopment.

On land where there’s likely to be significant contamination, it’s important that prior to seeking planning approval you undertake a site investigation on the development site. This will help to identify any contamination that may pose a risk to future occupants of the site.

For more information visit the GOV.UK site.

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