Birmingham City Council financial challenges - time to Reset

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Take steps to reduce your own air pollution

Transport is the biggest source of air pollution in our cities. You can help reduce air pollution caused by transport by driving less or being a greener driver:

  • Walk, cycle, bus, tram... leave your car at home and take to the streets. As well as cutting down the amount of pollution you make, you’ll get some exercise.
  • Not going anywhere fast? Turn off your car engine whenever you’re not moving and it’s safe to do so. You’ll help to make the air cleaner for you, other drivers and pedestrians.
  • More than 80,000 people bought low polluting cars in 2016. When you upgrade your car, explore an electric or LPG model (to save on your road tax too). Or ask your car dealer for the least polluting model.
  • Give your car a holiday – car-share or ask to work from home one day a week.
  • Keep your car tyres inflated – so your car is more efficient and uses less fuel.

Be energy savvy indoors and out:

  • Service your central heating boiler regularly so it runs as efficiently and cleanly as possible.
  • The production of gas and electricity significantly contributes to air pollution. To conserve energy (and lower your bills) switch off lights, fill the kettle with just what you need and run the washing machine only when you have a full load.
  • Switch energy suppliers – choose renewable energy tariffs to reduce pollution from power stations.
  • Rather than burning your garden waste, compost it and turn it into food for your vegetable patch.
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