I am a rough sleeper, what do i do?

If you are a rough sleeper and have access to a phone, you can call our rough sleeper outreach team, which is run by Trident Reach.  They will ask you for details to help them to find you and discuss your options.  You can call this team on 0800 880 7157.

You can also discuss your accommodation options at SIFA Fireside, 48-52 Allcock Street, Birmingham, B9 4DY.  SIFA Fireside offers daily drop-in sessions, giving rough sleepers access to food, shelter, showers and other basic needs. SIFA Fireside also provides emergency support for anyone made homeless or about to be made homeless, welfare and benefits support and advice, and social support. 

You can also visit one of the commissioned accommodation providers in Birmingham and access accommodation there directly.  They may direct you to alternative providers if they are full. 

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