Why is digital inclusion an issue?

Our Vision

‘A fully inclusive digital city, where everyone has the confidence, skills and capacity to access the services and information they need to thrive and live their lives to their full potential in an increasing digital world.’

Birmingham launches its digital strategy to support digital inclusion. The pandemic brought it to light that this is an ongoing problem for some of our citizens and one that continues despite the pandemic. It has exacerbated the fact that in some parts of the city, people struggle to do things online; whether that’s keeping in touch with family and friends, seeking job opportunities, accessing financial support, accessing medical appointments, ordering goods online, or even transacting with city council services.

Many individuals for the first time have had to rely on the internet and digital devices to access support services, even those that are able to proficiently use the internet have had to change the way that they work and generally live their lives. School closures and absences during COVID-19 has seen an increase in home-schooling and online learning. However, not all children have access to the devices and internet connections needed for this type of home learning.

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