Beta on Birmingham City Council

The ‘beta’ label means you’re looking at the first version of a new web page or service.

Beta web pages

Content will be changing.

Sometimes a new page is published on our website with a beta label. The beta label is displayed on our website and removed when the final version is displayed.

Beta content on our website follows the same rules for accessibility, cookies and privacy as existing content.

Beta services

We regularly launch new or redesigned digital services. During the beta phase, services are continually tested and improved.

The beta label is displayed on a new service to show it’s being tested - it may not work for everyone.

Redesigned services should be easier to use than the services they replace.

Sometimes a beta service will be available at the same time as an older, existing service.

Successful beta services eventually become ‘live’, and replace any older services that perform the same task.

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