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Birmingham Design Guide

Birmingham is at an important juncture in its evolution.

As the need to address climate change becomes increasingly critical, the city must transition into a zero carbon environment, with future investment and developments playing in important role in helping the city achieve this.

To help guide elements of this transition and create healthy, high quality spaces across Birmingham, the City Council has produced the draft Birmingham Design Guide. This sets out the design aspirations of the city, with guidance to ensure all development aids the creation of high quality, people focused places that are resilient, innovative and healthy.

The Design Guide is a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which once adopted will replace a number of existing SPDs (a list is provided in the back of the Design Guide Principles Document).

The Design Guide comprises of 6 documents:

  1. Design Guide Principles Document – outlines the design principles development must align with
  2. City Manuals – these mimic the structure of the Principles Document, providing further guidance on how to achieve / align with the design principles.

The city council believes the draft guidance will help enhance the quality of places across Birmingham, as desired. But it wants to test this with individuals and organisations that live and work in the city, via a period of public consultation.

The public consultation on the draft Birmingham Design Guide closed on 5 February 2021. The City Council would like to thank those who submitted comments on the draft document. These are now being assessed as part of the document’s refinement process, which will lead to a final Birmingham Design Guide SPD that it is hoped will be adopted as planning guidance later in the year.

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