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Birmingham City Council

Cycling and Walking Map

Cycling and Walking Maps

If you are thinking of exploring your local area, or would like to travel to work by cycle, the Birmingham Cycling and Walking map is available in both paper and interactive form. Additionally, an open source map and journey planner is available from cycle streets. This useful tool shows cycle parking, cycle shops and other places of interest.

For those wishing to design their own maps and apps OpenData is available.

The cycling and walking map of Birmingham was launched on 14 March 2006 and has been updated each year since then. The paper map is double-sided with north Birmingham on one side and south Birmingham on the other. There is also a more detailed city centre insert.

 Birmingham Cycle and Walking Map front cover

What does the map show?

  • Traffic-free cycling and walking routes
  • Walking routes
  • On-road cycle routes
  • Advisory cycling routes
  • Bicycle parking locations

What other information is available on the map?

  • How to get started
  • Where to get cycle training
  • Safe cycling advice
  • Walking for health
  • Clubs and organisations
  • Places to go
  • Safer Routes to School
  • Car-free commuting
  • TravelWise
  • Useful contacts
  • Birmingham's bike shops
  • Bike on trains

We are developing a contact list of people interested in being kept up to date on cycling and walking in Birmingham. The purpose of the list is primarily to keep cyclists informed of projects within the city. The list could also be used for consultation on some schemes. Your details may be passed onto other organisations who Birmingham City Council is in partnership with or has commissioned, in connection with joint cycling and walking projects.

F1 - Request for Cycling and Walking Maps

Contact Details

Cycling and Walking

I am interested in cycling issues.
I am interested in walking issues.
I would like my contact details to remain on the list so I can be kept up-to-date with projects regarding cycling and walking within the city.

I would not like my contact details to be kept on the list.