Lock it or lose it

Top 10 tips to keep your bicycle secure and ensure you’ve always got a ride home.

Download a bike passport

Lock it!

It may sound obvious but local police find a lot of bikes across Birmingham that have not been locked up. This will make a bike irresistible to thieves. You might only be leaving your bike for a minute, but it only takes a second for a thief to walk off with it, so always lock it!

Two locks are better than one

To give you maximum security and peace of mind it is best to use two different locks, e.g. a D lock and a cable. This will deter thieves as it will take more time to get through two locks, but also, if they are different locks, they will more than likely need two tools to get through them. Carrying two types of tool does not appeal to most thieves!

Cheap lock = false economy

Experiments have shown that some £5 cable locks can be breached in 1 second. Thieves know which locks are cheap and can spot them a mile off! Make that initial extra investment and save yourself time, trouble and money in the long run.

Use bike stands, that’s what they’re there for!

Always lock your bike to something solid and secure. Sheffield Stands (that look like an upside-down “U”) are the most secure stands to use! Do not lock your bike: n where there is a warning sign not to lock your bike n to a post (even if it’s got a sign higher up, the screws on the sign can be removed) n to a drainpipe, these are easy to smash.

Don’t hide it

Make sure you lock your bike in an open location. Locking it somewhere quiet and remote will make it more attractive to thieves and also give them the time and privacy they need to steal it.

Lock it up!

Don’t allow your lock (whatever type it is) to lie on or near the floor as this will make it a lot easier for thieves to smash it.

Lock it tight!

When securing your bike with your lock, ensure you do it so there is little room for manoeuvre within the lock. Secure the lock around the frame, spokes and bike stand. This will make it difficult for thieves to insert and utilise their tools.

Lock it all!

If you’ve got two locks, loop each around a wheel, the frame and a bike stand. If you’ve only got one, take your front wheel off and secure it to your back wheel, frame and bike stand with the lock (see diagram). Never lock your bike just by its wheels!

If you can’t lock it, take it off

Always try to remove all of your bike’s attached accessories, such as lights, panniers, cycle computers etc. If your saddle has a quick release, take that with you too.

Extra security

In addition to adding extra locks, why not complete a cycle passport. Use it to record all the details of your bike (including a picture) which can be passed to the Police should you be unlucky enough to have your bike stolen.

It’s also a good idea to register and list your bike details on the Immobilise website.

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