Walking and cycling strategy and infrastructure plan

Between 20 June and 2 August 2019 we will be consulting on the Birmingham consultation on the walking and cycling strategy and infrastructure plan

Birmingham is a growing city, with aspirations to be enterprising, innovative and green. However, air quality is poor, congestion is a major concern, levels of obesity are rising and there is overdependence on cars for short journeys.

Part of the solution to these challenges is to increase opportunities for walking and cycling and reduce dependence on the motor car. The Birmingham Walking and Cycling Strategy sets out a ten year plan to ensure that walking and cycling become popular choices for short journeys and for recreational activities.

The Strategy includes three key objectives to enable, develop and inspire walking and cycling. We would like your help in reviewing the Strategy and checking that the objectives, policies and actions are appropriate.

Proposals for a city-wide cycle route network and walking investment are set out in the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan. We want to find out what you think so that we can refine these proposals, identify further opportunities and set priorities.

Download the draft strategy document and supporting maps and give us your views on the consultation webpage. Consultation will close 2 August 2019.

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