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Electric Vehicles

Important to changes to the way you access electric vehicle charge points in Birmingham

From Wednesday 20 August 2014, we will be changing our electric vehicle charge points to the Charge Your Car (CYC) system.

Once the switch over has happened you will no longer be able to use a Plugged in Midlands (PiM) card for the 18 Birmingham City Council charging points. The cards will still be required to access any of the other charging locations in Birmingham and the West Midlands, found on the PiM charge point map.

To continue using the City Council charge points, you will need to use the CYC mobile phone app, a CYC RFID card or your debit/credit card.

You will know if a charge point has been transferred to the CYC system from the CYC sticker on the charge point (picture to the right) or by checking the CYC charge point map.

We will keep these pages up to date with information about the switch. All Plugged in Midlands members will also be contacted directly.

We apologise for any inconvenience while we change to a more flexible system for electric vehicle users.

CYC sticker

Road transport accounts for over 25% of Birmingham’s CO2 emissions and is a significant source of harmful pollutants which affect air quality and health e.g. NO2, particulate matter.

A key strand in our policy to tackle CO2 emissions and improve air quality is to support the uptake of low emission vehicles. To do this, we have been involved in a number of projects which are helping to develop a network of electric vehicle charging points in the city. On these pages, you can find:

If you need further support:

  • For any issues regarding the charging points, please contact Plugged-in Midlands on 0845 8380551.
  • For further information about electric vehicle charging in Birmingham, please contact the transportation policy team on 0121 464 5313 or via email to