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Bus Lane Penalty Charge Notice

Bus Lane Enforcement in Birmingham city centre is now live.
If you drive illegally in a bus lane or bus only street then you may receive a fine.

If you wish to pay for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), to view information about the contravention or submit a written challenge/objection, you may do so by clicking on the button below.

It is important that you follow all of the bus lane restrictions shown by the signs and lines on the streets. You are responsible for making sure your vehicle complies. If you do not do this, you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) in the post.

If you receive a PCN, it is important that you take action as soon as possible in order to avoid increased charges.

Opening Times

For Penalty Charge Notices sent by post, our opening hours are 9.30am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday – 0121 464 7474.

Please note, if you wish to make a Representation against the PCN this cannot be taken over the phone.

Levels of Penalty Charge

Type of Charge Fee
Penalty Charge £60
Penalty Charge if paid within 14 days, beginning with the date on which the PCN was served as specified on the front of the PCN £30
Penalty Charge if paid after service of charge certificate £90

Pay the Penalty Charge

The penalty charge will be reduced by a discount of 50% if it is paid not later than the last day of the period of 14 days beginning with the date on which the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) was served.

Failing this you have 28 days beginning with the date of service of the PCN to pay the full amount of the PCN.

For PCNs sent by post, the date the PCN was served is deemed to be two working days after it was posted.

In all cases, please have your vehicle registration number and PCN reference number available. The penalty charge reference number begins with the letters BM and is printed on the top of the front page.

Pay by telephone: please ring 0121 667 9300 (24 hours/7 days a week). Credit/debit card payments only, please have the vehicle details and the PCN number ready.

Pay online – https://pcn.birmingham.gov.uk/userservices/. Please have vehicle details, PCN number and debit or credit card details ready. Alternatively if you wish to pay immediately, you can pay by telephone as above.

Pay by post – using the payment slip on the PCN to: Birmingham City Council, Highways, PO Box 77, Birmingham B4 7WA. Allow at least 2 working days for 1st class post and 5 for 2nd class. Make cheques or postal orders payable to Birmingham City Council (Highways) and write the PCN number and your vehicle registration number on the reverse. Do not send cash or make debit / credit card payment by post.

Cash payments can be made at any Post Office if the Penalty Charge Notice or correspondence received has a barcode printed on it. Please note that payment cannot be made at PayPoint outlets.

Please note, the PCN will be issued by post, therefore it also serves as the Notice to Owner. If you do not pay or make a representation within 28 days of the PCN being served by post, we will send you a Charge Certificate, which increases the full amount by 50%. It is therefore in your own interest not to ignore the PCN, but to reply appropriately and in time.

If you wish to dispute the Penalty Charge Notice

All representations against a PCN by post must be made in writing either by:
  • Post – to Birmingham City Council, Parking Section, Processing, Highways, PO Box 14438, Birmingham B2 2JD
  • Fax to 0121 303 7797
  • Online by clicking on the button above and filling in the form

You can make representations against the PCN within 28 days, beginning with the date of service. If you make representations, even within 14 days, the discounted rate of 50% will no longer be available as the ‘Notice to Owner’ has already been issued and the appeal is against the full charge of £60.

Please note:- there is no informal challenge against a Penalty Charge issued from CCTV evidence, as the ‘Notice to Owner’ is included in the Penalty Charge Notice.

The city council will send you a response. It will be either a ‘Notice of Acceptance of Representations’ or a ‘Notice of Rejection of Representations’.

If the city council rejects your representations, you have the right to appeal to an independent adjudication body call the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. The legal grounds for appeal are included under the FAQ: Surely there must be a right of appeal against a Penalty Charge Notice? (a to f). The Council will enclose the appropriate form and give you the on-line details with the ‘Notice of Rejection of Representations’ to enable you to appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. Again if the Traffic Penalty Tribunal rejects your appeal, the amount payable will normally be the full £60.

For further information about the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, please visit their website:- www.trafficpenaltytribunal.gov.uk.

How long do I have to make a representation?

You need to make your representation within 28 days beginning with the date of service. A representation made after 28 days may be disregarded.

Where can I go for further information?

Details of the Council’s policy and approach to representations are documented in:

Further information about Civil Parking and Bus Lane Enforcement (including PCNs and NTOs) is available online at www.patrol-uk.info or in a leaflet from the Council.

View information about the locations where bus lanes are enforced in the city centre and a plan showing alternative routes for access avoiding bus lanes and bus-only streets.

View Bus Lane Enforcement FAQs.

View background information about the history of bus lane enforcement in Birmingham.