Schools in Birmingham are seeking skilled and motivated volunteers who are committed to improving education and making a positive difference to children’s futures.

School Governors are the most important volunteer workforce in education. It’s a rewarding role that provides an excellent opportunity for personal development in a unique environment.

Volunteers are able to develop many skills and experience, such as:

  • project management
  • recruitment and selection
  • budget control
  • data analysis
  • board-level strategic leadership
  • working as part of a senior team.

Apply to become a School Governor

To apply to become a School Governor, you will need to send a completed application form and skills audit to the email address on this page. 

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Governor training and development

A full training programme is available and an advice team is on hand to provide support and guidance.

School governors have the right to reasonable time off from work for their public duties. Some companies allow paid time off, so check with your employer.

Birmingham City Council supports the view of the National Governors Association that, unless there are genuinely exceptional circumstances, it is not good practice for a governor to serve on more than two governing bodies at any one time. Therefore, it will not approve the nomination of an applicant currently serving on two governing bodies to serve as a Birmingham City Council representative governor. Anyone aged over 18 can apply.

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