Interested in joining an Interim Executive Board?

We are seeking volunteers with suitable experience to serve as Interim Executive Board (IEB) members. The IEB is the governing board of the school, with a main function to provide interim expertise and high quality governance to support future improvements in the school, including the promotion of high standards of educational achievement.

To volunteer you will need to be:

  • experienced in delivering improvement in a governing or other leadership role
  • a strategic thinker and change agent
  • used to working complex situations
  • interested in making a difference to children's lives

In your role as an IEB member you will:

  • work with key stakeholders such as the Local Authority and Birmingham Education Partnership
  • attend and participate in meetings, which may be held at short notice, to evaluate critical issues that need a decision and need resolving without delay
  • get to know the school including conducting visits
  • work in complex situations, such as staff capacity, grievance, recruitment issues, and so on
  • communicate with parents and stakeholders.

The role will continue for as long as the IEB is in place, which is typically between 12 and 24 months (you may resign from the role at any time).

More about the purpose of IEBs and the skills and experience required details can be found in the IEB member information sheet.

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