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View planning applications and documents | Birmingham City Council

View planning applications and documents

We recommend using the Chrome or Edge internet browsers which will provide better image delivery or rendering. You may not be able to open documents fully when using Internet Explorer.

Download the Chrome browser

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You can use planning online to:

  • Check the progress of current planning applications and appeals.
  • Comment on applications awaiting decision.
  • *View documents, plans and decision notices associated with applications since January 2006.
  • *View the planning history of a property since 1948.

Access planning online

You can also *view planning history and constraints on our GISMaps interactive map.

To see decision documents associated with applications before January 2006 you can make an appointment to view files in a hard copy format or microfilm.

Please contact us to book a viewing appointment at our offices.

Please note that Architects permission is usually required for paper copies of plans. This must be available for us to progress your request.