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Making safeguarding personal

While recognising that for some people there is a need to protect them, it is essential that we ensure we “make safeguarding personal”. It is essential that we understand what outcomes people want from safeguarding enquiries and actions. In this area, there is a balance to be achieved. It is essential that there is an effective Safeguarding Adults Board, that strategies are in place, that there is an effective team, that enquiries are robust, that there is excellent partnership working and there is high quality intelligence about safeguarding issues and performance. Further, it is essential that safeguarding is seen as everybody’s business and that staff across the care and health sector are aware of the issues and know how to deal effectively with safeguarding concerns. Also, it is essential that this issue is kept in the public eye.

In order to deliver this element of the strategy, the strategy for safeguarding needs to be implemented and the service and its performance regularly reviewed. This area needs to be resourced at a level proportionate to the risks that exist in the system.

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