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Social Justice

People should expect to be treated equally and fairly and services should not discriminate on any grounds against citizens.

Services should seek to improve social justice by tackling the reasons for discrimination and creating opportunities for all citizens. The focus of the principle is in increasing understanding and confidence within Adult Social Care staff to tackle inequalities, including racial discrimination.

This work is strongly interconnected to the work of the wider council on tackling social justice.

The initial focus on staff is key, as by tackling and improving social justice, the lives, wellbeing and practices of the workforce will be enhanced. This in turn will improve individual practice, service delivery and the lives of the diverse population that we serve.

To ensure that actions are undertaken to address this principle and ensure that actions meet words, a workstream focusing on this principle has been built into the work programme delivering the vision and strategy over its life course. This embeds the council wide actions on social justice into Adult Social Care, as well as actions unique to adult social care.

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