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We need you and every citizen of our city to lead the Birmingham Food Revolution!

The Birmingham Food System Strategy has been shaped by Birmingham citizens. By listening to your views, we have refined and updated the Birmingham Food System Strategy, continuing to build our city and citizen owned strategy.

“It should be easy for us to eat healthily - it isn’t. As the Birmingham Youth Board of Bite Back 2030, we believe that every single young person has the right to live a healthy life. That’s why we are campaigning to improve access to healthy food in the city we love and are proud to call home.” Birmingham Youth Board of Bite Back 2030.

“There’s a relationship between everything and climate change isn’t there? The butterfly effect. I think food is important for all. If we could all get enough to eat, enjoy our diet, enjoy our mealtimes, it would build us up to be stronger, better people and we could all work together towards saving the planet.” Adult with a mental health condition - Seldom Heard Food Conversations.

“I think we’ve got an amazing food culture in Birmingham. We’re blessed with great cultures and blessed with great chefs in the city.” South Asian adult - Birmingham Food Conversations.

All your contributions will shape and influence the Birmingham Food System Action Plan, which is a living document outlining how we as a city will achieve our aims for 2030.

The Birmingham Food System Action Plan will be taken forward through the Creating a Healthier Food City Forum, which is a sub-group of the statutory Health and Wellbeing Board, and other partners from across Birmingham.

Email your questions about the Birmingham Food System Strategy to the Food System Team at

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Page last updated: 29 August 2023

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