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The Birmingham Food System Strategy captures the revolution that has been building for years across the city and the regenerative change being led by Birmingham citizens who are making a real difference leading the Birmingham Food Revolution.

Empowering and energising more than 1.1 million citizens to join the Birmingham Food Revolution is key. We want to recognise, champion, and showcase the many citizens, organisations, businesses and partners that are making a real difference in Birmingham Food System. They have been leading the way for many years and it’s time for Birmingham to “Be Bold, Be Proud” of our quiet food legends. They are an inspiration that we can all learn from and empower others to be local legends too. If you spend your time doing things like growing or cooking food, sharing your skills and experience, or helping your community, we would love to hear more above your incredible work.

You will find some of our Birmingham Food Legends in the Birmingham Food System Strategy, as we wanted to highlight some of the amazing people and organisations already making a difference across our food system and to recognise their role in influencing the strategy creation. The vision is to create a fair, sustainable and prosperous food system and economy, where food options are nutritious, affordable and desirable so everyone can thrive. Read the Birmingham Food System Strategy.

We want to discover and recognise even more Birmingham Food Legends, and we need your support! Do you know a Local Food Legend that has made a difference to Birmingham’s Food System? Are you someone who is already leading change in the Birmingham Food Revolution?

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Page last updated: 29 August 2023

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