Introducing the revolution

The Birmingham Food Revolution has been building for many years as people across our city have recognised that action is needed to ensure a positive impact, and they have stepped up to the challenge. Our Local Food Legends have been trailblazing inspirational actions such as community dining projects, composting initiatives, surplus food redistribution, cooking classes and so much more. Uniting our city through the Birmingham Food Revolution has revealed how our coordinated, collective action can produce more than the sum of its parts.

The long term ambition of the Birmingham Food Revolution is that in Birmingham:

  • we consume a nutritious diet that helps us thrive
  • our diet doesn’t cause us harm
  • our food system is ethical, fair and eliminates injustice from farm to fork
  • we reduce harm to the world around us
  • we empower people and overcome barriers to providing healthy and sustainable food options
  • we respect and support diversity and choice
  • we are resilient, and adapt, learn and evolve
  • we celebrate what food brings to our city

It’s important to truly understand the food system in our city by championing places across the system and building relationships with the true Birmingham Food Legends making a difference every day.

The Birmingham Food Revolution is an exploratory mission, and the system is open to all ideas of and is willing to learn. The Birmingham Food Revolution has a genuine interest in what makes up our daily life, our barriers, the opportunities, and our ideas. The Birmingham Food Revolution approach is making the delivery of the ambitious Birmingham Food System Strategy a reality, as well as unearthing barriers and subsequent ideas and solutions that alone we wouldn’t have come up with otherwise.

Join the Birmingham Food Revolution and inform our Birmingham Food System Strategy by joining one of our cross-cutting and/or strategic objective working groups.

We also want to discover, champion and platform as many amazing Birmingham people who are already making a difference to our food system. If you know of a person, organisation, business, or anyone else that is already leading the Birmingham Food Revolution - nominate them as a Local Food Legend.

Read about the amazing work that is taking place across our food system by exploring the sections on the Birmingham Food Revolution landing page.

Page last updated: 29 August 2023

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