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No water

Water disruptions include burst water mains, supply disruption and minor or major contamination. A multi agency emergency may be declared to ensure that people's basic water needs are met. There could also be a significant impact on health and food provision, as well as an impact on the capabilities of fire and rescue services.

All water companies must:

  • Warn and inform their customers of problems that may affect their supply.
  • Share their vulnerable persons register with local authorities in times of crisis.
  • Provide alternative supplies (e.g. bottled water, emergency tankers and bowsers, standpipes)

Check for problems in your area

You can report problems in your area on the Severn Trent website.

If you have frozen pipes, turn off the water supply to your home. You can do this by turning off the stop tap which is usually located under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, or by the front door.


  • never use a naked flame, blowtorch or boiling water to thaw the pipe
  • don’t leave taps dripping or running as the water may not drain down the plughole if the pipe below is frozen

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