What to do if you have changed, or are planning to change, your Care Quality Commission registration

Changing the location of your Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered office, restructuring your organisation, or changing the provider responsible for your registered location, can all result in a new CQC location being created.

If you are a currently contracted home support, care home or a supported living provider, a change in CQC registration resulting in a new CQC location ID will mean the contract awarded to the care provider is no longer valid. This is because when care providers are accepted onto one of Birmingham City Council’s (BCC) care contracts, the application made by the care provider is linked to their CQC location ID. The contract award letter issued to the care provider is aligned to that CQC location ID.

If you are a home support provider contracting with BCC under the Framework Agreement for the Provision of Home Support for Children and Young People with Disabilities and Home Support for Adults, any changes to your CQC registration need to be discussed with your geographical commissioner in advance to understand the implications this may have on your current contracting arrangements with BCC.

To find out who to contact in commissioning, visit Who to contact in the commissioning team

For supported living and care home providers, a new contract application will need to be progressed via the CareMatch Portal.

For instructions on how to reapply to join the flexible contracting arrangements for the provision of care homes with and without nursing services and care and support (supported living) contract, visit the CareMatch Portal page.

Note that it is a contractual requirement that you notify the council of changes of ownership, status and a range of other circumstances that effect how your business is registered or structured. Ensure you consult the relevant contract to ensure you comply with your obligations.

Complete the relevant change in circumstances form below and email it to ShapingtheMarket@birmingham.gov.uk

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