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CareMatch Portal

Birmingham City Council changed systems from SProc.Net to CareMatch Portal on 17 September 2018 for the following activities;

  • The procurement of Care Home placements with and without Nursing for adults of all ages, Home Support packages for children and adults, Supported Living for adults of all ages
  • The application of providers to join the Flexible Contracting Arrangements for the Provision of Care Homes With and Without Nursing Services and Care and Support (Supported Living)

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Phase 2 of CareMatch Portal (Contract Management) – coming soon…

Birmingham City Council (BCC) are currently working with the CareMatch Portal system provider to develop the portal to enable contract management activity, communication with commissioning officers and access to performance reporting to be available all in one place.

Some of the changes and benefits you will notice as a provider in relation to contract management after the implementation of Phase 2 are listed below:

  • Market Intelligence Questionnaire will be requested by BCC and completed by providers through the portal;
  • Provider Quality Assurance Statement will be requested by BCC and completed by providers through the portal;
  • Quality Monitoring Visit evidence will be recorded by Commissioners within the portal and providers will be informed of the outcome of the visit through the portal.
  • Improvement Plans resulting from Quality Monitoring Visits will be created and monitored through the portal;
  • Notifications will be sent through the portal to providers when contract management actions need completing e.g. reminders to complete the above questionnaires, notification when insurance documents have expired and need updating;
  • Communication from geographical commissioners to individual providers or groups of providers will be sent through the portal. Providers will be able to respond or instigate communications/conversations through the portal;
  • Performance information relating to Providers activity on the portal will be accessible through the portal.

We are aiming to have this new functionality in place by the end of 2019.

Updates on the progress of implementing phase 2 (including the launch date and training materials and opportunities) will be posted on this page, so please check back regularly. Information will also be included in the Shaping the Market News bulletins.

CareMatch Portal provider user forum

As the CareMatch Portal has become more embedded and we are working towards a Phase 2 of the portal, Commissioning will be setting up a Provider User Forum to gain provider’s feedback and suggestions for improvements. The first task for the user forum will be to consider what performance information will be available to providers and how, as part of the Phase 2 development described above.

We will be contacting all contracted providers to ask for volunteers to be part of this user forum over the summer. If you would like to be a part of this process, please look out for emails from the marketintelligence@birmingham.gov.uk email address or contact your geographical commissioner.

Support for providers using CareMatch Portal

Download the Provider User Guide for CareMatch Portal

Call our dedicated helpline 07921 241139

Email marketintelligence@birmingham.gov.uk