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Care homes and supported living contract 2023

The initial tender period for the Flexible Contracting Arrangements for the provision of care homes with and without nursing services and care and support (supported living) has now closed.

Providers were notified of the outcome of the initial tender on 20 April 2023.

The Flexible Contracting Arrangement application process reopened on 24 April 2023 for the remainder of the contract term, and new applications/reapplications can be made at this time.

Care providers wishing to offer new services between 24 April 2023 and April 2028, will need to apply to join the council’s 2023 contractual arrangements for supported living and care homes with and without nursing care, via the CareMatch Portal.

When making an application, providers should select either care homes 2023 or supported living 2023 at the contract selection page.

Information about the 2023 contracts is available on the CareMatch Portal contract information page, by clicking on either the care homes 2023 or supported living 2023 button.

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Page last updated: 26 June 2023

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